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We are the expert in repairing and servicing of Ekomilk M, Ekomilk Ultra, Ekomilk Pro, Ekomilk Bond, Ekomilk Total, and all other Ekomilk Milk analyzer machine.

We Import / Export and supply Ekomilk milk analyzer machines, sensors, PCB and all other spare parts/ accessories all around the world. We supply all spares of ekomilk milk analyzer such as Ekomilk sensor, Ekomilk measurement PCB, Ekomilk Motor, Ekomilk Motor PCB, display, Keypad, Side cover, Air bowels, plug, plunger, syringe, beaker, silicon tube, chemical and other ekomilk milk analyzer spare parts & accessories.

Experts in Ekomilk milk analyzer machines.

Are you looking for a reliable, stable and experienced supplier of Ekomilk milk analyzer machines, spare parts and accessories. We rank among the most significant exporters of Ekomilk milk analyzer machines, spare parts and accessories. To a large extent, we have contributed to famous brand reputation throughout the world. This cooperation could be of interest to you mainly due to so many years of experience in the engineering and dairy field.

We deliver high-performance, high-quality and high-precision ekomilk milk machine all around the world. We focus mainly on the markets of Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Arab countries and Europe. We have our own offices and service engineers all around the world.

Do you have older Ekomilk milk analyzer machines? Let them have overhauled.

We also carry out modernization and overhauling of Ekomilk milk analyzer machine, as well as supply of spare parts and accessories.This is definitely more cost-effective compared to a new machine purchase. We can also buy back your old machine.

We not only deal with ekomilk machine repairing, export and import but also specialize in trading and supplying of Thermal printers, DPU(Data Processing Units), Weighing Scales, ultrasonic stirrer and other dairy Instruments.


Repairing/ Servicing of Ekomilk Ultra / Ekomilk Pro / Ekomilk Ultra DPS / Eko Milk- M/ Eko Milk Bond PCB

Ekomilk Milk Analyzer PCB Repairing Charges

Ekomilk Milk Analyzer PCB Servicing/Repairing Charges (with 6 months warranty and free onsite service) -- In rupees PCB Servicing/Repairing Charges (with 1 month testing warranty) -- In rupees
Ekomilk Ultra Rs. 5000 Rs. 3500
Ekomilk DPS Rs. 5500 Rs. 3500
Ekomilk Pro Rs. 7500 Rs. 4000
Eko Milk- M Rs. 7000 Rs. 3500
Eko Milk Bond Rs. 5500 Rs. 3500
Eko Milk Total Rs. 8000 Rs. 4500

Annual maintenance contract (AMC) Charges for complete Ekomilk Milk Analyzer Machine

Ekomilk Milk Analyzer PCB Servicing/Repairing Annual Maintenance Cost (1 Year free onsite service)
Ekomilk Standard Rs. 10000
Ekomilk Ultra / DPS Rs. 10000
Ekomilk Pro Rs. 12000
Eko Milk- M Rs. 10000
Eko Milk Bond Rs. 12000
Eko Milk Total Rs. 15000

Software Services

Ekomilk Password Recovery Software Dowload Software
Ekomilk Dairy Management Software Download Software

Repairing/ Servicing of Billing Thermal Printer

Servicing charge( 1 month testing warranty) Annual maintenance contract (AMC) servicing charge (1 Year warranty with onsite free service)
Rs 500 / Printer Rs 1000 / Printer

Why choose us?

Reliable Services

We provide repairing services for all types of Ekomilk Analyzer machines, also provide Ekomilk Milk Analyzer spare parts. Our sensors work with 100% accuracy, Repeatability with Reliability.

Quality Supply

We supply high quality Ekomilk Analyzer Sensor for all types of Ekomilk analyzer machines, Also supply/replace/calibrate - Ekomilk Ultra/Pro/Bond/Total/M.

Annual Offerings

We also offer's Annual maintenance contract (AMC) services with 1year free service warranty to our valuable clients. We also recover forgotten Ekomilk Milk Analyzer Password.






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